Sunday, 16 March 2014

How to make butterflies from magazine paper

This is my first tutorial.
Make paper butterflies from old magazine papers.I got inspiration from youtube video - how to make paper butterflies?

Materials needed:

Old magazine papers
beads for butterfly body
Strips of black paper for antennae

Cut a square and circle pieces from magazine paper as shown in above photo.
Fold square piece like fan fold (small folds)

Also fold circle piece like fan fold as shown in above photo.

Fold the square piece in center like in photo below
Also fold circle piece in center like the square piece.

Apply glue on the center of square and circle pieces.

Cut a thin strip of black paper for antennae.
Fold the strip in center
Shape the strip as shown in the photo below.Insert the strip in the hole in the bead apply glue.
Stick the square and circle pieces together.
In the middle attach the body.
This is made from chart paper.

You can decorate butterfly with glitters, pearls you can use black beads for body.

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